Disability Insurance


Short-Term Disability (STD) Insurance

  • Coverage provided by The Standard Insurance Company.
  • Provided by the State at no cost to employees.  Enrollment is automatic and requires no action.
  • STD insurance pays up to 60% of pre-disability income for up to 150 days following  required 30-day waiting period.
  • Short-Term Disability Claim Form

Optional Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

  • Coverage provided by The Standard Insurance Company.
  • Employees can choose long-term disability (LTD) insurance, but pay the entire premium. 
  • Premiums are determined by salary, age and PERA vesting status, and are deducted from pay post-tax. 
  • Long-Term Disability Premiums FY 2013-14 - based on age, salary and PERA-vesting status.  This is the same as 2012-13 plan year.
  • LTD enrollment is NOT guaranteed. Employees MUST complete Evidence of Insurability (EOI). The EOI is completed as part of the online enrollment process. 
  • LTD Evidence of Insurability form. (If the form does not come up during the online enrollment process.)
  • Employees with at least five years of PERA covered employment may be eligible for PERA disability benefits. LTD Premiums for PERA-vested members are lower than for non-vested members. For information about PERA benefits, please call PERA directly at 1-800-759-7372.
  • After a six-month waiting period, LTD benefits are payable up to 60% of pre-disability earnings until age 65 (later in some cases) if person continues to meet plan requirements

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