Defensive Driving

NEW!!  The State Office of Risk Management’s Safety and Loss Control Unit has just launched the Defensive Driving in the State of Colorado (DDISC) training that is specific to the driving exposures in our state.  The   The DDISC program achieves effective, efficient and elegant service levels by increasing the awareness of driving hazards experienced by state employees.  This serves to accomplish our goals to eliminate or minimize the occupational hazards.

The DDISC training is based on the principle that an effective driver training program has its foundation based on sound principles in vehicle safety AND the safe operation of the vehicle. This foundation is further supported by targeted modules that focus on the particular type of driving the employee is most likely to perform.  The trained driver will be effectively trained in curricula within vehicle inspections, defensive driving and proper response to vehicle incidents.  

The DDISC is a classroom-based four-hour training offered to state employees at NO CHARGE.   

As with all training, there typically is a minimum of 10 participants to hold a class.

The top six driver errors resulting in a vehicle collision include:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Following too closely
  • Failure to yield
  • Incorrect merging
  • Backing up

Additionally, the resources below are beneficial to increasing driver safety.

Developing a cell phone policy example

Understanding distractions:

Resources for young drivers:

Removing your vehicle blind spots:

If you have a group of 30-40 drivers and would like to host the DDISC training at your location, please contact Sunny Bradford,