Class Conversion History


The State of Colorado's job evaluation system has evolved over the decades. Major changes

such as the introduction of occupational groups in 1987 and the job evaluation system

re-design in 1993 have shaped the current structure of broad general classes.


Because of these changes and improvements, and the fundamental role the class structure

plays in other human resources processes, the need for tracking the history of class changes

is very important. Certified state employees have certain rights to classes, especially in the

administration of retention rights. This database allows the user to view the conversion history

of a state personnel system class, by code or title, from 1974 to present.


Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this database.  When used for an official

employment decision (processing employee retention rights in a layoff situation, for example),

results should be confirmed with Job Evaluation Letters maintained in departmental HR

offices, other payroll and personnel records, or by contacting the Compensation Team.


Click here to access the Class Conversion Database