Certificate of Insurance

The State of Colorado is self-insured for Liability, Workers' Compensation and State Property per the Risk Management Act according to statute, Section 24-30-1501, C.R.S et seq.

Statutory limits of liability are referenced in the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (CGIA) under 24-10-114(a) & (b), C.R.S.

State Departments and Institutions of Higher Education that are insured under the State's self- insured Liability and Worker's Compensation Programs can utilize the self-serve certificate form to produce their own Certificate of Insurance (COI). The COI provides requesting non-State entities proof of the State's self-insured Liability and Worker’s Compensation programs per the Risk Management Act; 24-30-1501, C.R.S et seq.

Requests for proof of Property Insurance must be submitted to Suzanne Kubec in Risk Management at suzanne.kubec@state.co.us. The State’s current Insurance Broker will issue the Evidence of Property (EOP) to the requesting State Department or Institution of Higher Education.


Please Note:

  • Other parties cannot be named as an "additional insured"

  • Statutory limits of liability are referenced in 24-10-114(a) & (b), C.R.S.

  • Requested indemnification, hold harmless and/or insurance requirements may be in conflict with State law.


Questions, contact Suzanne Kubec at 303-866-4290 or suzanne.kubec@state.co.us.


Instructions for completing the Self Service Certificate Form