Wildland Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee on Wildland Fire and Prescribed Fire Matters was created by Governor Hickenlooper by Executive Order B 2013-001 (http://tinyurl.com/m5tlac7). Its primary role is to advise the DFPC Director on Colorado's Wildfire Preparedness Plan, as well as wildfire and prescribed fire issues. http://tinyurl.com/ohr2o93
"Pursuant to Senate Bill 13-082, the Wildfire Matters Review Committee is charged with
reviewing and proposing legislation or other policy changes related to wildfire prevention,
mitigation, and related matters, including public safety and forest health issues. In addition, the bill
transferred to the committee any remaining powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to the
Lower North Fork Wildfire Commission by House Bill 12-1352. In passing SB 13-082, the General
Assembly intended for the Wildfire Matters Review Committee to be a permanent interim
committee through which the General Assembly reviews state policies and resources addressing
wildfire prevention and mitigation and the successful implementation and execution of such
policies; the committee sunsets on July 1, 2018."