School Maintenance Inspections

Qualified Fire Departments performing school maintenance inspections are required to notify DFPC that such inspections are being performed and provide documentation when complete. Please submit the School Maintenance Inspection Report when all inspections within a School District are complete. Only one School District per form. Fire Departments are not required to submit inspection documents to DFPC. Inspection documents should be maintained by the Department for at least two (2) years from the last reported inspection.

Nothing shall prohibit any fire department providing fire protection services from conducting routine assessments of buildings and structures, or prevent the department from correcting violations that pose an immediate threat to life safety. Additionally, nothing shall prohibit the fire department from seeking enforcement action in a court of competent jurisdiction.

If the local Fire Department is not qualified or unwilling to perform the required inspections, the School Board shall notify DFPC at 303.239.4100. DFPC will conduct the required inspections and the School Board will be invoiced the following amount, based upon student enrollment counts, which are based upon the current pupil membership data published at the time of the inspection by the Colorado Department of Education. Maintenance inspection fees are charged per address. Total student counts are considered for consolidated schools located at one address.

Maintenance Inspection Fees:
0 – 150 Students, $150.00
151 – 300 Students, $300.00
301 – 450 Students, $450.00
451 or more Students, $600.00