Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2019

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Denver, CO– Today, on Wildfire Preparedness Day, Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) would like to highlight the importance of wildfire prevention and preparedness. "We want to remind residents of the dangers posed by wildfires and the simple steps that should be followed to prepare for and prevent wildfires," said DFPC Director Mike Morgan. 

Despite getting some much-needed snow this winter, we’re not out of the woods yet. Coloradoan's can promote wildfire safety by working together on community projects thus reducing the risks of their homes and property becoming fuel for a wildfire.

 "Reducing losses from wildfires is a shared responsibility among emergency managers, response agencies and local community members," said Director Morgan. "Through educational, individual and group activities, residents can learn more about the importance of wildfire preparedness and the power of prevention”.


Wildfire Preparedness Day: May 4, 2019
Wildfires across the United States have taken more than 100 lives and cost more than $25 billion dollars in property losses in just the last two years. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to improve the wildfire safety of your home and community. 

Ready, Set, Go!: Colorado’s fire season is year round, which means that both firefighters and residents have to be on heightened alert for the threat of wildfire at all times. Colorado’s firefighters take every precaution to help protect you and your property from a wildfire. Residents need to do the same. Successfully preparing for a wildfire requires you to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and your property.

One Less Spark, One Less WildfireApproximately 95 percent of all wildfires are sparked by the activity of people, which means that almost all wildfires are preventable. One of the leading causes of wildfires is outdoor powered equipment. Use powered equipment before 10 a.m. and never on hot and windy days. When clearing dead or dying grass don’t use a lawn mower or weed trimmer with a metal blade.