News Release: State Fire Agency Sends Aircraft To Help Combat Oregon Fires




Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control

Public Information Officer, Caley Fisher | | 720-391-1565

Denver, CO—The Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) has sent one of its two Multi-Mission Aircraft’s (MMA) to assist with the wildfire situation in Oregon. The second MMA will remain in Colorado and continue supporting fires here.

The national structure for combating wildland fires is a cooperative, interagency system involving local, state, and federal agencies. “When Colorado needs help fighting wildfires in our state, we rely on other states to send their resources,” said DFPC Director Mike Morgan. "Other states have answered Colorado’s call for help this year, and we are honored to provide assistance back to our partners during this time.” 
The MMA departed Centennial today and will be based out of Medford, OR. The MMA team consists of two mission sensor operators, a pilot, and a mechanic. The MMA's mission will be to support initial attack and provide intelligence on several large fires in southern Oregon.
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