News Release: DFPC Update on Elk Fire Review

January 3, 2020
Caley Fisher, Public Information Officer
Lakewood, CO: During the process of interviewing the previously identified witnesses, the review team identified additional individuals who needed to be interviewed in order to ensure the thoroughness of the overall review and subsequent report. Due to the holidays and scheduling conflicts of the individuals to be interviewed, we are not able to complete the additional interviews prior to the week of January 13th. 
As such, the original target date of February 1 can not be met and we have had to extend the expected completion date to March 1. 
While we do not anticipate any additional delays, we do recognize that if additional processes relevant to the findings of the review are warranted, there is potential for additional delays in the final product.
If you have any questions, please contact DFPC Public Information Officer, Caley Fisher: | 720.391.1565