Fire Schools and NFA Weekends Canceled

December 23, 2020: Over the past year the communities we live in and serve have seen great challenges, and this includes fire service training. Due to the continued increase of COVID-19 cases, we have regretfully canceled Fire Schools/NFA weekends and written testing/trainings. We do realize the impact that this carries as well as the long-term repercussions. There have been over 260,000 known cases of COVID-19 in Colorado and over 2,724 Coloradans have died from COVID-19. Furthermore, 34 of Colorado's 64 counties are in level red, and The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020 and will not declare an end to the pandemic until the virus is no longer prevalent throughout the world or in multiple countries/regions.

The obstacles we have seen will prepare us for the bright future of the fire service. Fire service training has a very promising future here in Colorado. Despite COVID-19 challenges, DFPC/PQTS was able to facilitate written testing for 1,707 firefighters; train 1,774 firefighters on the Mobile Live Fire Training Unit; and serve 798 firefighters through the Mobile Driving Simulator Unit, Driver Operator/Pump Operations courses, and Hydraulics classes. We feel fire service training provides constant improvement of operations and efficiency for individuals and departments. Morale stays high while facilitating intangible functions by emergency personnel. Training allows us to make mistakes non-emergency settings, so correction of procedures can be made. 

As our fire family moves forward through these rough seas, remember- we are all in this together. The Professional Qualification and Training Section, as well as the entire DFPC staff, truly hears your voices and understand your needs. As we plan for the future, we continue daily monitoring of COVID-19 levels to prepare to open testing and trainings. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we look forward to seeing you at a future DFPC training event.