Changes to Colorado Resource Rate Form (CRRF)

In preparation for the new CRRF portal going live, we have made Read Only. This is so we can prepare all current CRRF equipment and information to be transferred to the new system. CRRFs will still be viewable and printable, but any updates to existing CRRFs will have to wait for the new portal, scheduled for release Mid – Late February 2019. The informational notices (attached) below summarize the following:
  • is now Read only, all changes can be made when the new CRRF system goes live Mid – Late February.
  • All equipment and cooperator data currently in our system will be automatically migrated to the new system.
  • Current CDPS-CRRF administrators will be required to create a WebEOC account in order to access their CRRFs if they do not already have one.
  • Once live, users will be asked to login and verify their cooperator contact information, as well as resources imported from, and then re-submit their CRRF into the new system.
  • After the launch date, will redirect users to the new website, which will then be the only way to access and edit CRRFs.