2017-2020 Cooperator Resource Rate Forms (CRRF) and Guidelines

Welcome to the 2017-2020 Colorado Resource Rate Form (CRRF) process. We are excited to be releasing an online version this year. There are a couple of important points I would like to emphasize:   
  1. We have increased the standard reimbursement rates for engines, support tenders, and tactical tenders by 3% for this cycle. These increases are reflected in the new online program.
  2. Please remember to complete and submit your CRRF prior to April 30 at the latest, and as early as possible if your agency participates in interagency dispatch mobilization.  After you submit the CRRF and DFPC staff have updated your equipment in ROSS, you will receive a confirmation email.
Please refer to the attached files to help you get started. There are also instructions on the webpage to assist you with creating your online account, and help answer most questions.  Your DFPC Regional FMO can provide assistance with the CRRF process.  The online data entry system can be accessed at:  http://cdps-crrf.org/
If you have any questions or issues with the online registration process, please contact Parker Coombs at 303.239.3851 or via email at Parker.Coombs@state.co.us