Inspections may only be requested once your permit has been paid in full, issued and your permit card and approved drawings are on site.  If on the day of inspection, your approved drawings and permit are not on site, your inspection will be cancelled and you may incur a re-inspection fee. 

Inspections must be requested by NOON (12:00 PM) the Thursday prior to the week of your inspection request date.

Inspections for Health Facilities or Suppression are assigned Monday morning for the week and School Construction inspections are picked up based on availibility as requests come in.  Once your inspection has been assigned/picked up the Inspector will contact you for further details on time and exact date.

If you need to cancel an inspection, it must be done with at least 24-hours prior notice or you may incur a fee. 

All inspection requests and cancellations are completed online:

To schedule an inspection for a Health Facility, please click here

To schedule an inspection of a School Project, please click here

To schedule an inspection of a Suppression Project, please click here

Last Updated: 10/23/2019