Health Facilities Construction

All work done on health facilities that is not considered as maintenance or service will require a permit and adhere to the adopted codes of the Division.

Adopted Codes

NFPA 99 – Health Care Facilities Code 2012 Edition

NFPA 101 – Life Safety Code 2012 Edition

Construction Projects

All construction permit applications are processed and completed online, approved drawings will be provided to the permit owner electronically and permit cards can be picked up at the Division or shipped by request.  For permitting information and access to the online Records Management System (RMS) please see the Permits Section.

Required Forms

Health Facility Construction Permits will require all of the forms/information below to be submitted:

  • Fee Calculator
  • Functional program – a letter on company letterhead providing what type of procedures they will perform and how they are using the space.
  • Risk assessment assign a category (1-4) to every room in accord with NFPA 99
    1. Failure of equipment/system may cause major injury or death to patient or caregiver
    2. Failure of equipment/system may cause minor injury to patient or caregiver
    3. Failure of equipment/system is not likely to cause injury to patient or caregiver
    4. Failure of equipment/system will have no impact on patient or caregiver

Deferred Submittals

Fire Alarm – product data sheets, battery calculations, electronic drawings

Fire Sprinkler - product data sheets, battery calculations, electronic drawings

Kitchen Hood - product data sheets & electronic drawings

Underground - product data sheets, electronic drawings, letter from water purveyor indicating where UG fire line begins as a “private service line” and maintained by owner.

Other approved/alternate systems - product data sheets & electronic drawings

Pre-Construction Meeting

Some larger, more complex projects may require a pre-construction meeting in order for you, as the applicant, to know what is needed and expected upon application.  If you have questions or would like to talk to someone about a pre-construction meeting please contact the Division at 303.239.4100

If, after speaking with one of our Fire and Life Safety staff members, it has been determined that a pre-construction meeting is necessary, please complete and submit the following form.

Limited Scope Projects

As part of your Certificate of Compliance (COC) Limited Scope Projects shall be allowed and a permit is not required by the Division. All work completed shall be in accordance with the Limited Scope Project List and a log of all such work must be kept and inspectable during DFPC Licensure Life Safety Surveys.

You may use the Limited Scope Project Log created by the Division or use a log of your own, just make sure that it includes all of the outlined information.


You will have the option to pay for your permit online* (check or credit card) or to mail in a check.  Permits will not be issued until payments have been made.

*The price to make a credit card payment to DFPC will be $0.75 plus 2.25% of the transaction amount.  The flat fee for an ACH (electronic check) is $1.00.

Since the transaction must be processed through the State’s official web portal, the payment is subject to portal pricing and under a contract administered under the authority of Colorado’s Statewide Internet Portal Authority as designated in statue CRS 24.37.7-101.

Last Updated: 7/16/2020