This form is for gathering data during the TAK event at  Country Jamb and Telluride. Your submission will be anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact information. (Caveats, the ip address of the computer you use will be logged, but we don't care.  Also if you are a state employee logged in under your state ID and have an account on Pacific, your user name will be saved).

TellurideCountry Jamb
Which Event
Did you use TAK at all during your shift
Did you use TAK for general awareness (not during dispatched incident)
Did you use TAK during a dispatched incident
Improved a lotImproved a littleNo ImpactNegative Impact
How did TAK impact your situational awareness
How did TAK impact your ability to respond effectively
How did TAK impact your ability to respond safely
No ProblemsSome ProblemsMajor Problems
How did the User Interface work for you
Did you have technical problems.
YesDidn't tryTried but could not
Did you use TAK to mark items with icons
Did you use TAK to find items people or locations
Did you use TAK to get or receive messages
GreatGoodNeutralBadWaste of Time
What was your overall impression of TAK
What value did you find in the information TAK provided
Yes - I want itMaybe, but it needs improvementNot SureNo, I'm not seeing the value
Would you use TAK in the future
Would you pay fee
Only if free
Anything you'd like to share?