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List of Currently Approved for Sale Fire Safe Cigarettes in Colorado
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Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarette Standards and Certification
Cigarettes are the leading cause of residential fire fatalities in the United States, resulting in 700 to 900 deaths, approximately $400 million in property damage, and $4 billion in total economic loss (including health care, lost productivity, and pain and suffering) each year. In Colorado, during 2006 alone, there were approximately 755 cigarette-caused fires. These fires rulted in 5 civilian fire deaths, 13 civilian fire-related injuries, and $2.2 million in (direct) property loss.

HB 08-026 requires all cigarettes sold or offered for sale in Colorado to meet the same criteria for reduced ignition propensity cigarettes as in New York State. This law went into effect July 31, 2009. The new law, 24-33.5-1214,C.R.S., is designed to limit the risk that cigarettes will ignite upholstered furniture, mattresses, household furnishings or other combustible material and result in fewer fire deaths, injuries and property loss from fires caused by cigarettes. Subsequent to the adoption of HB08-026, almost all states have adopted similar regulations.

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