Fire Management Officers

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The DFPC Fire Management Zones are based on the State All-Hazard Regions, with certain exceptions. The Division currently has an authorized strength of 10 Regional Fire Management Officers (FMO) to cover the State’s 11 All-Hazard Regions, with 2 Area FMO positions serving in supervisory and backfill roles. 
In order to provide for the supervision and management of the Regional FMOs, to reduce span of control and increase the depth of available personnel to provide state level response and support of incidents, the state was divided into East and West, roughly along the Continental Divide. 
Vaughn Jones: Section Chief, Wildland Fire Management Section
Phillip Daniels: Deputy Chief, Wildland Fire Management Section
Regional Fire Management Officers (FMO) Contact Information
Colorado River Region: Ryan McCulley, 970-765-6279
East ReagionPaul Duarte, 719-850-2387
North East Region: Matt Branch, 970-222-8996
North Central Foothills Region: Dan Escobedo, 720-413-2917
North Central Plains: Travis Griffin, 303-704-2858
South/Southeast Region: Joe LoBiondo, 719-466-3341
South Central Region: Brenda Wasielewski719-963-7838
North West Region: Sam Parsons 720-556-4247
San Luis Valley Region: Devin Haynie, 719-464-5345
West Region: Luke Odom,970-773-4259
West Region: Steve Ellis 970-596-0685
South West Region: Tanner Hutt, 970-778-0880