Fire Management

Area Fire Management Officers
Southeast District Chief: Paul Duarte, 719-850-2387
Southwest District Chief: Steve Ellis 970-596-0685
Northeast District Chief: Matt Branch, 970-222-8996
Northwest District Chief: Sam Parsons 720-556-4247

Regional Fire Management Officers (FMO) Contact Information

Colorado River Region FMO: Ryan McCulley, 970-765-6279
North Central Foothills Region FMO: Dan Escobedo720-413-2917
North Central Plains Region FMO: Travis Griffin, 303-704-2858
South/Southeast Region FMO: Joe LoBiondo, 719-466-3341
South Central Region FMO: Brenda Wasielewski, 719-963-7838
San Luis Valley Region: Devin Haynie, 719-464-5345
West Region FMO:  Luke Odom,970-773-4259
Southwest Region FMO: Tanner Hutt, 970-787-0880

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