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A Demonstration of Night Operations for Wildfire Water Delivery Using Coulson Firewatch Airborne Command and Control System_Thomasson.pdf2962 KB2016-03-25
A Numerical Study of Water Dump in Aerial Fire Fighting_Satoh, et al..pdf13663 KB2016-03-30
A Review of Data Available Regarding Aerial Firefighting Operations_DFPC CoE.pdf79 KB2016-07-08
Aerial Firefighting Across Southern Europe_Baigorri.pdf486 KB2016-03-25
Aerial Firefighting in North America_Tangent Link.pdf3888 KB2016-03-25
Aerial Firefighting_Morini.pdf217 KB2016-03-25
Aircraft Narrowly Lead Fatalities List in Wildland Fire Study_Chaney.pdf4227 KB2016-03-30
Airtankers and Wildfire Management in the USFS_Thompson, et al..pdf987 KB2016-03-25
America’s forests_ Ravaged woodlands _ The Economist - 07-09-2016.pdf564 KB2017-03-28
An Operational Retardant Effectiveness Study_George.pdf267 KB2016-07-08
Austin Fire - RED team SOGs.pdf1015 KB2017-03-02
Austin Fire - UAV policy.pdf271 KB2017-03-28
Aviation-Related Wildland Firefighter Fatalities--U.S., 2000-2013_Butler, et al..pdf13311 KB2016-03-30
BehavePlus Fire Modeling System User's Guide_Andrews, et al..pdf6886 KB2016-06-15
Building Rothermel Fire Behaviour Fuel Models by Genetic Algorithm Optimization_Ascoli, et al..pdf641 KB2016-06-15
Built Structure Identification in Wildland Fire Decision Support_Calkin, et al..pdf2298 KB2016-04-06
Colorado Firefighting Air Corps 2014 Aviation Plan_DFPC.pdf1070 KB2016-03-25
Conklin and deDecker study re LA County all hazard helicopter program status and needs.pdf2294 KB2017-03-28
Coupled Atmosphere-Wildland Fire Modeling with WRF-Fire_Mandel, et al..pdf2602 KB2016-06-15
Effects of Wildfire on National Park Visitation and the Regional Economy_Duffield, et al..pdf319 KB2016-04-06
Estimating US Federal Wildland Fire Managers' Preferences Toward Competing Strategic Suppression Objectives_Calkin, et al..pdf439 KB2016-04-06
FMRA - FAA Modernization and Reform Act - Public Law 112publ95.pdf499 KB2017-03-02
Fact Sheet Unmanned Aircraft Systems_FAA.pdf145 KB2016-04-05
Federal Aerial Firefighting--Assessing Safety and Effectiveness_USDA and USDI.pdf1218 KB2016-03-25
Firefighting Aircraft Recognition Guide_CAL FIRE.pdf714 KB2016-03-25
Forest Management--Difference Engine--Fire on the Mountain_The Economist.pdf209 KB2016-04-06
Forest fires_ Burning benefits _ The Economist - 05-16-2016.pdf214 KB2017-03-28
Helicopter Night Operations Study_USFS.pdf2693 KB2016-03-25
High Park Fire Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Report_CDOT, Larimer County, NRCS, USFS.pdf3281 KB2016-04-18
How Journalists Fan the Flames of Wildfire in the West_Graham.pdf2115 KB2016-04-06
Introduction to Fire Behavior Modeling_DOI, USFS.pdf6015 KB2016-06-15
Large Airtanker Use and Outcomes in Suppressing Wildland Fires in the United States_Calkin, et al..pdf418 KB2016-01-07
Managing Aerial Firefighting Activities on Airports_Airport Cooperative Research Program.pdf1574 KB2016-03-25
Model UAS policy for law enforcement from Maine.pdf132 KB2017-03-28
Modeling Wildland Fires_Coen.pdf2159 KB2016-06-15
Night Aerial Firefighting Guidelines_San Bernardino National Forest.pdf41 KB2016-03-25
Night Operations---NVG Helicopter Go No-Go Checklist_FIRESCOPE.pdf77 KB2016-03-25
Night Operations--Division & Branch Briefing Guidelines_FIRESCOPE.pdf439 KB2016-04-05
Numerical Modelling of the Aerial Drop of Firefighting Agents by Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Part 1_Amorim.pdf265 KB2016-04-06
Numerical Modelling of the Aerial Drop of Firefighting Agents by Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Part 2_Amorim.pdf843 KB2016-04-06
Press Release--Wildfires and Drones Don't Mix_FAA.pdf40 KB2016-06-23
Protocols for the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) by Law-Enforcement Agencies_VA Dept. of Criminal Justice.pdf691 KB2016-03-25
Reform Forest Fire Management_North, et al..pdf624 KB2016-04-06
Report--Little Data to Support Aerial Firefighting_Gruver.pdf91 KB2016-06-20
Safe Helicopter Operations in Aerial Firefighting_Bosch.pdf3090 KB2016-03-25
Safety Climate in the US Federal Wildland Fire Management Community_Black and McBride.pdf175 KB2016-04-06
Sharing Public Safety Helicopters.pdf818 KB2016-10-04
Standard Fire Behavior Fuel Models_Scott and Burgan.pdf8876 KB2016-06-15
State of Colorado Senate Bill 14-164.pdf35 KB2016-03-25
Station Fire--Forest Service's Response Offers Potential Lessons for Future Wildland Fire Management_GAO.pdf5518 KB2016-04-18
Tactical Fire Remote Sensing Advisory Committee Meeting_USFS UAS Committee.pdf2043 KB2016-03-25
The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Aerial Firefighting in Australia_Plucinski, et al..pdf2111 KB2016-03-25
The Fire Frequency-Severity Relationship and the Legacy of Fire Suppression in California Forests_Steel, et al..pdf4686 KB2016-06-15
The High Park Fire_Coen and Schroeder.pdf5681 KB2016-06-15
The bug-eyed view_ An insect’s eye inspires a new camera for smartphones _ The Economist.pdf365 KB2017-03-28
UAS Architecture for Forest Fire Remote Sensing_Royo, et al..pdf2483 KB2016-03-25
UAS Operations in Domesic Airspace - US Policy and Regulatory Landscape.pdf1174 KB2017-02-21
Unmanned Aerial Systems in the Fire Service_Wakeham and Griffith.pdf241 KB2016-04-12
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Wildfire Integration for Civil Support_NORAD and USNORTHCOM.pdf353 KB2016-04-05
Unmanned Aircraft Systems--Perceptions & Potential_Aerospace Industries Assoc..pdf1732 KB2016-03-25
WRF-Fire--Coupled Weather-Wildland Fire Modeling with the Weather Research and Forecasting Model_Coen, et al..pdf4263 KB2016-06-15
Waldo Canyon Fire Final After Action Report_City of Colorado Springs.pdf7447 KB2016-04-19
Wildfire Retardant Flights Under Review_Seattle Times.pdf227 KB2016-07-08
Wildfires in the United States_Brusentsev and Vroman.pdf465 KB2016-04-19
Wildfires--Weigh Policy Effectiveness_Boer, et al..pdf675 KB2016-04-06
Wildland Fire Management--Agencies Have Made Several Key Changes but Could Benefit from More Information about Effectiveness_GAO.pdf6650 KB2016-04-14
Wildland Fire Management--Agencies' Efforts to Assess Program Effectiveness and Modernize the Firefighting Aviation Fleet_GAO.pdf232 KB2016-04-14
Wildland Fire Protection and Response in the United States_Artley.pdf871 KB2016-04-06

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