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The mission of the DFPC Certification Program is to provide consistency throughout all levels of accreditation relating to written and practical examinations. Furthermore, to ensure that all levels of accreditations are conducted with the same criteria in accordance with the guidelines of IFSAC and Pro Board.

The “Voluntary Certification Program for Firefighters” began on June 21, 1979, when House Bill 1243 was signed into law. The "Hazardous Materials Responder Voluntary Certification Program" was created by HB89-1223 which was enacted effective July 1, 1989. The general purpose of these certification programs is to measure the level of knowledge, skills and abilities possessed by firefighters and emergency medical responders (EMR), and to attest that these individuals meet nationally recognized standards. These competency-based standards permit evaluation of training programs and promote uniformity in firefighter and EMR training.

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