Governors Vision 2018 Cut the Burden Report

For the second year in a row, a program managed by DFPC was selected to represent the Department of Public Safety in the Governor's 2018 Cut the Burden Protocol. This protocol is intended to highlight a program which significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of a program for its stakeholders and employees. This year, the certification and registration program of the Fire & Life Safety Section was selected.

The Section is responsible for certifying local inspectors charged with performing plan reviews or inspections under the public school construction, healthcare facilities, and fire suppression programs and for registering sprinkler fitters and suppression contractors. Every year, over 1,000 certificates are issued to these individuals and companies. To facilitate the application process, a certification and registration module was implemented as part of the Division's Records Management System (RMS). Under this system, applications are submitted electronically and certificates are emailed directly to applicants upon validation of qualifications. Prior to this implementation, the Section relied upon a manual system in which relied upon paper copies of documentation. Applicants typically mailed in or hand delivered these documents.
Under the legacy system, 58% of applicants indicated that they waited at least three weeks for their certificates after submittal. If an application was incomplete at least one additional week was added to this time. Under the RMS, 46% of applicants indicated that they received their certificates within less than five days, with resubmittals typically approved in days and often hours. Overall, the time involved  per application by DFPC staff and applicants is significantly decreased.
While the Section is happy with the improvements already made, we hear the suggestions from our stakeholders, many of which will further streamline the process.