Congratulations to DFPC Members!

Congratulations to our DFPC Safety Officer Lisa Pine, DFPC Fire Prevention Branch Chief Rob Sontag, and DFPC Plan Review Unit Chief Chris Brunette for graduating from the National Fire Academy this month! 


Lisa Pine took Executive Development the first year of Executive Fire Officer ( a four year program).  Executive Development is the foundational course for the Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP). This 10-day course is intended to provide a framework in which leadership is a process whereby you and others perform adaptive work. The major goals are to improve the executive fire officer's ability to build high-performance teams, exercise adaptive leadership skills, manage change, value diversity as a fire service resource, and use critical thinking skills to develop applied research projects


Chris Brunette attended two different classes at the fire academy during the first two-weeks of April - Applications of Community Risk Reduction and Transitional Safety Leadership. Both of these classes are required curriculum to complete the Managing Officer program. As has been Brunette's experience in the past, his attendance at the National Fire Academy was exceptional. 


Rob Sontag completed the Executive Analysis of Community Risk Reduction course. The course is a mixture of philosophy and application — the value of the community risk reduction and the process of applying risk reduction to the community. It involves developing partnerships with the community to implement programs, initiatives and services that prevent and/or mitigate the risk of human-caused or natural disasters. Traditional fire prevention programs are addressed.


"The classes and staff are top-notch and the opportunity to meet like-minded industry professionals from across the nation is unsurpassed," said Brunette. "The information and wisdom I gained from attending these classes is priceless and I am honored to have had the opportunity to attend on behalf of the Division."