Colorado Re-Accreditation Letter

The mission of the Certification Program is to provide consistency throughout all levels of accreditation relating to written and practical exams.

The Certification Program ensures that all levels of accredited certifications are conducted with the same criteria in accordance with the guidelines of the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) and the National Board on Fire Service Qualifications System (ProBoard).

Certification provides recognition of demonstrated proficiency to nationally recognized standards. Having the third party, accredited bodies assures candidates that CDFPC's Certification Program meets the national standards. Accreditation is based on an extensive review by a third party of an agency's certification system and includes all aspects of certification testing.

Accreditation is subject to a 5 year re-accreditation requirement with a site visit audit. IFSAC conducted a re-accreditation site visit that took place over four days with three reviewers and two observers examining DFPC's certification program for completeness, fairness, security, validity and correlation to the national standards.  

Upon review of the site visit report, IFSAC's Certificate Assembly Board of Governors granted CDFPC unconditional reaccreditation of 22 certification levels and 1 initial certification level.  Candidates that are certified by CDFPC can be assured that the examinations that they took were fair and equitable and accurately measured them against the national standard.