CoE Utilizes UAS to Support Deep Creek Fire

On Tuesday, September 12, the DFPC Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting and members of the Wildland Section in the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control used several unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to scout bulldozer line on the western edge of the Deep Creek Fire to gain perspective on the fuels in that area of the fire.

The UAS operators coordinated with Rocky Mountain Area Incident Management Team Black to ensure safe operations while meeting the intended objectives of the flights. The use of the UAS allowed access into areas within the fire that may be otherwise unsafe for firefighters on the ground due to fire-weakened trees and snags. During one of the flights, the UAS found a coal seam fire that was located within the fire perimeter south of Routt County 56.

The CoE worked with members of the Department of Fire Prevention and Control, Bureau of Land Management, Northwest Colorado Fire and Aviation Management Unit, and incident command post to conduct operations. Two UAS were used to acquire visual information to maintain situational awareness on the fire. Learn more about the Center of Excellence here!