UAS in Public Safety Study (HB17-1070)

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House Bill 17-1070, concerning the study of use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for public safety applications, became law on June 6, 2017. This act requires the CoE to conduct a study regarding the integration of UAS into government operations as it relates to public safety. After the conclusion of the study, the CoE is required to submit a report to the legislature about the conclusions of the study. For this UAS pilot program, the CoE will test and evaluate various UAS platforms, sensors, and software on a variety of public safety missions. The CoE will also develop policies and procedures and advise public safety agencies on how UAS technology can improve the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of their daily operations. The UAS study and pilot program will absorb the risk, cost, and effort of developing a meaningful UAS capability for public safety agencies in Colorado.

Since no new funding is provided for in the act, the study will begin when the CoE is able to secure sufficient funds through gifts, grants, and donations to conduct the study. The benefits of donating UAS platforms, payloads, software, or other items to this effort include the opportunity to put your product in the hands of public safety practitioners who will provide unbiased feedback on the product’s performance in a variety of missions. The CoE will also provide copies of the study evaluating the company’s product.  Additionally, the CoE is qualified to receive tax-deductible charitable donations (see for more information).

Organizations providing gifts, grants, or donations will be supporting a unique agency dedicated to thoroughly evaluating and fielding new technologies and techniques to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of public safety practitioners.  For questions regarding this legislation or how to donate, please contact Garrett Seddon at (970) 665-0045 or