Commercial Card Program

Purchase Card &Travel Card with Rebate
  • Increased rebate revenues based on aggregate program spend
  • Free training and conferences for program participants
  • Extensive reporting and program audit tools 
  • The Cooperative Contract provides commercial purchase cards, travel cards, and other types of integrated credit card services such as ePayables to State Agencies, State Institutions of Higher Education and Local Governments.   
  • Four signed originals of the Affiliate Participation Addendum are required for participation.


For more information contact

Brooke Dunn

State Commercial Card Program Manager 

(303) 866-6147


Forms Resources Presentations 
Commercial Card Corporate Liability Application Apply for a New Card
Commercial Card Joint/Several Liability Travel Application Citi Account Status Codes Getting Started with CitiManager
Centrally Billed Cardholder Agreement Citi User Entitlements Introduction to Program Audit Tool
Individually Billed Cardholder Agreement MCC Group Templates Program Audit Tool Rule Definition Training Aid
Approving Official Agreement MCCs in Numeric Order Citi Virtual Card Accounts
Travel Compliance Designee Agreement Citi Monthly Delinquency Invoice Sample  
Departmental Card Manager Agreement Citi Auto-Enroll Guide  
Card Custodian Agreement Reporting Hierarchy Sample  
Documentation of Lost / Unavailable Transaction Form CCRS Reports Template List  
Commercial Card Violation Warning Form CCRS Data Dictionary  
Returned Commercial Card Receipt Form CCRS Quick Reference Guide  
Commercial Card Transaction Log Cardholder Self-Registration Guide  
Transaction Dispute Form VISA Benefits Brochure  
New Program Administrator Form Citi Sample Statement   
Add / Change Authorized to Inquire Form

2015 Auto Close Schedule

New Central Billing Account Setup Form

Contact Information for the State of Colorado Program with Citi

Auto-Enroll Spreadsheet

Common Card Decline Reasons


VISA Liability Waiver