Carol Pfarr

Director of Finance & Procurement

Carol Pfarr was appointed as director of the Division of Finance & Procurement in June 2011. Carol worked as a program manager in strategic sourcing and procurement for both US West and Qwest Communications, and as a senior manager for a Denver corporate engineering firm, where she led their firm in standing up their ERP for procurement and finance. She brings a wealth of real-life experience to her collections, procurement and accounting management role at DPA.

Carol has led many projects during her 30-plus year career, including governance process for sourcing strategies and vendor management outsourcing procurement operations, services, engineering and IT functions. She has managed vendor relationships and is seen as a leader in vendor negotiations, minimizing costs across the board.

In addition to her professional experience, Carol has been a passionate volunteer for the Boy Scouts, having served in many roles helping manage accounting for the organization from 1999 to 2004. Carol also held numerous positions with the Colorado Division of USA Fencing starting in 2004, culminating with her serving as the chair of that organization in 2010.

Carol graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor of science in geological engineering and received her master’s in technology management and business administration from the University of Denver. Her experience, creativity and leadership in building and maintaining relationships, and complex negotiations of legal, commercial and service levels for high dollar/value purchases across diverse sectors is a valuable asset to the State.

Carol is married, has two adult children and lives in Highlands Ranch.