About the DFC

Disability Funding Committee Mission Statement

To maximize support for new and innovative programs benefitting Colorado’s disability community by raising and distributing funds as authorized by the Laura Hershey Disability Support Act.


The Disability Funding Committee was created in §24-30-2201, C.R.S. (effective August 11, 2016) pursuant to HB 16-1362. This bill consolidated the work of two previous committees: the Disability-Benefit Support Committee and the License Plate Auction Group.

Applications are currently being accepted to join the CDFC, if you meet any of the criteria highlighted below and are interested in serving you are encouraged to apply.

The committee consists of thirteen members appointed by the governor.  Of the thirteen members, at least seven members must be either a person with a disability, a care giver of a person with a disability, or a person who lives in a household with a person with a disability and is meaningfully involved in the care of a person with a disability.  In making the appointments, the governor shall ensure that the committee has members with experience in or knowledge of business and business management;  nonprofit entities and managing nonprofit entities;  advocacy for persons with disabilities;  the practice of medicine;  and the practice of law with experience working with persons with disabilities.  In addition to the thirteen members, the governor's council for persons with disabilities may, in consultation with the committee, appoint a representative to serve on the committee in an ex officio capacity.