Cross Connection

Authority. The authority to implement and maintain this program of cross‑connection control is contained in the following legislative actions: Safe Drinking Water Act 1986; Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety and health standards (29 CFR 191, subpart J); C.R.S. 25-1-114, C.R.S 25-1-109, and C.R.S. 25-1-112; Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations, Section 39 of 5 CCR 1002-11 and Article 14, Hazardous Cross Connections; Colorado Plumbing Code and all uniform codes adopted therein; Uniform Plumbing Code; Uniform Pool and Spa Code; and Uniform Solar Code.

The Town hopes to be fully implemented with this mandate by the end of 2018.

Implementation: The “Colorado Cross Connection Control Manual” (1993 or latest edition) shall serve as the regulations and guidelines for the Town’s cross‑connection control program.

Contact Information

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