The FY-2016 De Beque budget presents budgets for the General, Water, Wastewater, Irrigation, Conservation Trust, and Capital Improvements Funds. The budget shows the audited balances for 2014, projected balances for year-end 2015, and projected revenues, expenses and fund balances for FY-2016. Fund balances represent the value of all assets in the fund and do not represent cash on hand, which is often much less than the total balances.

Revenues in the General Fund will continue to grow due to the voter approval of a referred excise tax of 5% during the fall 2014 elections. While revenue from the county sales’ tax will stay relatively flat, the total of Town sales’ taxes will conservatively increase by roughly 20% due to recreational marijuana sales. The town has budgeted funds to utilize this new revenue from the excise tax to make infrastructure improvements and develop a public safety department that can better address the safety concerns of the community. The town expects increased revenues from new tap fees or cash-in-lieu development fees from development associated with the maturing marijuana industry. These funds will go towards improvements in water and wastewater infrastructure and compensate for no additional fee increases in FY-2016.

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