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New State of Colorado Logo-2019Colorado State Brand Guidelines updated 5/1/19 – Please continue to use the existing "Peak" Brand Guidelines as a reference for the replacement "C" logos at this time. An updated version will be made available soon. Thank you for your patience.  

On March 26, 2019, in an effort to promote all that Colorado is and has to offer and to provide a fresh representation of the state brand, the Governor launched a new logo for the state and its agencies. The tree represents Colorado's many natural resources and its outdoor spirit, red symbolizes Colorado's red soil and rocks, yellow represents the state's abundant sunshine and the wheat of the plains, dual peaks represent the many mountains in the state, and rich blue base represents water, which is vital to our state.

The Department of Personnel & Administration will enforce branding standards and maintain official graphics files for all state agencies to ensure proper use of all logos. The logos will be appropriately trademarked and copyrighted to the State of Colorado. The rollout will take several years as we are limiting deployment of the new brand to replacement cycles.


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State Brand Guidelines (PDF)
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