Program Benefits





• Savings to the State — The Program has saved the State over $1 million during the last fiscal year.

• Convenience — MFPs are selected according to the volume of copies produced in each work area. Volumes are closely monitored to insure that each agency has the best copier to meet the volume requirements.

• Lowest price per copy/print — The cost per copy/print is less than if each agency provided its own copier service.

• Professional, experienced management — SOPE can provide benefits that only a coordinated and professional program can achieve.

• Quality of equipment and supplies — SOPE evaluates all of the equipment and supplies on the market and selects the best quality equipment to meet the needs of its customers.

• Reduced cost of equipment and supplies. 

• Superior and faster maintenance — SOPE monitors the quality of the service and requires that vendors respond to service calls in four hours or less.

• One standard inclusive rate for copy/print.


SOPE Program Brief — Cost summary and value-added information - PDF (Effective 1/25/19)



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