IDS Mid-Year Rate Adjustments

January 2019 — As part of DCS' ongoing effort to calibrate the rate structure to reflect the actual costs of the services we provide, DCS will be making a mid-year adjustment to some of those rates within the Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) Unit. DCS/IDS continue to take aggressive measures to reduce operational costs and drive efficiency, and the rates for some of our services, such as those associated with the Secure Office Print Ecosystem (SOPE) - copiers/multifunction printers/devices - are being reduced. In other services, such as design, mail delivery, mail metering, and print, the combination of increased overhead costs coupled with declining volumes in some of these areas has resulted in the need to increase rates. The new rate adjustments will take effect on January 25, 2019. Click here for the adjusted Rate Sheets that are posted on the website under Quick Links/Central Services Rates.

The IDS program is built upon leveraging economies of scale, and we are currently evaluating the portfolio of services that we offer to ensure that they align with the needs of our customers and that the demand for these services is sufficient to deliver volume-based savings. To that end, we are also analyzing the waiver review process and focusing on areas of opportunity to recover lost volume where applicable, and drive down rates in the future. IDS will be focusing on work that statutorily should be managed by the Division of Central Services per Colorado Statute.

We understand that rate adjustments can have a significant impact on your programs, and we are pursuing every viable option to enact operational efficiencies and generate the volume of work needed to achieve cost savings, and provide value to our customers. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mike Lincoln, the Colorado State Printer, at 303-866-3874 or the Central Services Division Director, Tom Montross, at 303-866-3882.