Contractor Badge Request Form

If a State agency employs contractors who are required to obtain a State ID badge, the contractor receiving the badge must have already passed a background check through the Colorado State Patrol within the last six (6) months.  Click here to obtain a background check form.

If a contractor requires a code to access a State building, a request must be submitted to the State Patrol online.  Access to the tunnels requires additional approval from the Capitol Complex Property Manager.

By submitting this request, an agency representative confirms that the background check has been completed, and authorizes DCS to issue a State ID badge to the contractor.


enter as xxx-xxx-xxxx
Payment Method
If the contractor is responsible for the cost of the badge, they must pay with cash or check upon receipt of the badge. No bills over $20.00 are accepted. If the Agency is responsible for the cost of the badge, the fee will be included in the monthly ID badge billing cycle, and the agency will be charged via inter-agency transfer (IT).