Emergency Disclosure of Participant Information

A criminal justice agency or official may request the expedited release of participant information pursuant to §24-30-2110(12), C.R.S. by completing the following two-part process:

Part One: Written Request

The official shall submit a written request setting forth the reason(s) requiring the expedited release of information to the criminal justice agency. The written request must be:

  1. On agency letterhead.
  2. Signed by the agency official requesting the information.
  3. Signed by the direct supervisor or acting supervisor if the direct supervisor is unavailable.

Part Two: Notarized Certification

There are two ways to comply with the second part of the release process.

  1. The request (letter from part one) may be accompanied by a notarized statement certifying that the information requested is required pursuant to a criminal justice trial, hearing, proceeding, or investigation involving a program participant, AND that the participant’s actual address will be protected from the public and personnel who are not involved in the trial hearing, proceeding or investigation.


The request (letter from part one) may be accompanied by a completed and notarized ACP “Emergency Disclosure of Participant Information.” This form can be located on the ACP website at www.colorado.gov/acp


Emergency Disclosure Form