Division of Central Services & Division of Capital Assets

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"DCS and DCA will provide the best value to the State in every service we offer and to every customer we serve."

The Division of Central Services (DCS) exists to provide centralized business support services at competitive pricing to state agencies and was created in 1976 by State Statute, Part II; 24-30-1101 (DCA statute remains under Part II; 24-30-1101). In order to maximize volume-based savings, all state agencies, except institutions of higher education as allowed under HB 04-1009, are required to participate. DCS and DCA provide customers with a product or service tailored to their specific needs, at a price they can afford, and at a level of quality for which they can be proud. Through a consolidated, volume-based approach, DCS and DCA help participating state agencies to:

  • COMBINE STATE VOLUMES to improve purchasing leverage, reduce prices, and streamline the ordering, delivery, and payment processes;

  • ELIMINATE REDUNDANCY by creating one contract and solicitation process, providing one shop which minimizes facility costs, improve labor efficiency, reduce and share management and administration costs, and reduce the need to invest in duplicative equipment and infrastructure;

  • IMPROVE PROFESSIONALISM AND QUALITY with dedicated functional expertise, improved information and systems, and consistent processes and methods translates to increased technical expertise and higher quality service; and

  • REDUCE UNIT COSTS by maximizing equipment use, diluting fixed and overhead costs, and extending large volume pricing to small agencies.


Customer Tesimonials — a number of our customers have shared great appreciation for their experiences with our units. DCS and DCA are proud of all our employees and we would like to share some of our customer's kind words.


DCS Main Contacts
1001 E. 62nd Ave., A-31  |  Denver, CO 80216
Main: 303-866-3970

Tom Montross, Director of Division of Central Services

Barbara Novak, Communications/Marketing Manager

Maria Sandoval, Administrative Support Coordinator



DCA Main Contacts
1525 Sherman Ave., B-15  |  Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-4357

Richard Lee, Director of Capital Assets and Property Manager

Scott Edwards, State Fleet Manager

1001 E. 62nd Ave., A-18  |  Denver, CO 80216


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