DCS Customer Testimonials


Integrated Document Solutions (IDS)

"I like your newsletters and news flashes — very informative and interesting!"

Krista Meulengracht
Driver's License Business Analyst


"Sharon was very helpful and was able to give me the information that I needed. She always responds in a timely fashion and makes sure all my questions/requests are taken care of. She is a great person to work with; please let her know that she does a great job!"

Charla Phagan
Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority


"I want to thank Mike and his staff for all their hard work with providing past invoices for our reconciliation. The responses have been very quick and we are almost done with the project."

Beth/Elisabeth Dickinson, CPA
 | Office of the State Auditor


"I just want to express my gratitude for all the help Karen and Sharon have been to Beth and I by providing necessary documents for our year‐end reconciliations. I know how busy they must be right now but they were very responsive to my requests!"

Lesa Fisher
Financial Technician
 | Office of the State Auditor


Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

"The co-operation in Arapahoe County between everyone I have dealt with and employees to employees has amazed me. This level of service is something I have come to NOT expect from government bureaucracy, and lightening quick I might add. Jackie and the ACP program staff are also no exception. Everyone from top to bottom has been exceptionally great and I appreciate all of the assistance here and thank all of you for your help. As a victim of stalking, the government tends to blame the victim when you seek help and it has been a very difficult road to maintain privacy; I never thought I would be able to own property. I jumped in afraid that this would expose me immediately upon signing the closing documents, but everyone who has assisted in keeping these records offline goes a long way. I know that the address can still be found through other means, but this offers a level of protection that I am comfortable with."




Integrated Document Solutions (IDS)

"The DOWC Special Funds Unit would like to commend and show our appreciation for the effort Gary Moore demonstrated on February 11 and 12, 2014. Gary was contacted the morning of the 11th and asked that a special run be made to pick up a warrant from 633 17th Street and taken to the Marion Street post office to pay for PO Box 300009 and pick up the mail to be returned back to this office. The post office had inconveniently discontinued the mail stating the box fee had not been paid. Gary was here within the hour of the request to retrieve the warrant. He then had to stand in line at the post office for at least 45 minutes only to be told by the clerk, that the rate had increased and they would not accept the check. Gary took the extra step to call me and to ask what to do. He then got back into the line again to obtain a phone number so I could contact the Marion Street post office. Gary then returned the warrant to me at 633 17th Street. I then contacted the post office and it was agreed there was a misunderstanding and the mail could be picked up the next day upon receipt of the same warrant that was previously rejected."

"Gary was again emailed and asked to perform another special run and provided the same service on the 12th, only to have the same frustrating experience again. When I spoke to him he was loading boxes and speaking to me while trying to stay on time with his normal mail run he performs every day. On the 13th, Gary was again contacted -- it was the third day in a row I am sure his thoughts were “Oh no, here we go again.” Yet again he showed the same professionalism and desire to please. He coordinated a special run to the same post office to pick up certified mail.  This mail was also brought directly back to Special Funds."

"Gary is a very pleasant person and did all of this with a smile and “happy to be of service” attitude, this accurately represents the true value of customer service. We as state employees could all take a lesson from Gary."

Brenda Carrillo
SIF Penalty Coordinator
Revenue Assessment Officer
DOWC Special Funds Unit


"About 6 months ago, I got it in my mind there could be a more efficient way to manage and track forms ordering in our business units. I asked the business units for copies of orders or tracking of any kind and found out there was no tracking of any kind in place."

"I started studying this in earnest about a month ago and really struggled with how to identify ordering history. I was finally referred to Karen Akins. Karen is a miracle worker. I presented her a monumental task of supplying back up for quick copy forms for two of my business units; they order a lot of forms in support of driver licensing and driver services processes. Karen's timely, accurate, and complete response is enabling me to provide a recommended ordering schedule to both units. The schedule will avoid duplication of orders and extensive warehousing needs, permit the ordering of smaller amounts on a more regular basis, and avoid the chaos of having a supply almost exhausted. Additionally, it will get us much closer to a LEAN model and keep our expenditures and usage aligned with the correct fiscal year. Karen's work will avoid numerous adjustments to the plan, while we align our ordering habits with our usage. This is a much needed change for us and we are better able to achieve our goals as a result of this work."

"My sincere thanks to Karen for her irreplaceable assistance."

Laural Thompson
Department of Revenue
OBFS | Division of Motor Vehicles


"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how amazing one of your staff members is. Rick Ciminelli has repeatedly gone above and beyond to help us with some very unique projects that we've encountered as we've rebranded our agency. He's been very patient, explaining the particulars of mediums that we're not very familiar with and breaking down for us the pros and cons of our options. He's always very responsive to our questions and keeps us updated throughout the entirety of each project. And he presents to us very professional, beautiful products when all is said and done."

"As much as, if not more than, anyone else I've encountered at the state, Rick is changing the image of a state employee from the time-sheet-punching, paper-pushing embarrassment of old into a bright and engaging professional, wholly dedicated both to quality and to customer service. I'm sure you know how much of an asset he is, not just to your team, but to the state as a whole, but I thought it would be nice to hear it from someone else."

"I've had similarly great experiences working with Johnna Torres and Gilbert Gomez, as well."

Sue Black
Office Manager
Department of Natural Resources | State Land Board


Integrated Document Solutions (IDS)

"I want to commend you and one of your employees, Melissa Wilkerson. Melissa has handled several of our print jobs for Statewide Training and Development and is very efficient, effective, and yes even elegant. She has delivered excellent above expectations for her service, made adjustments and corrections easily, and provide suggestions and consultations on document design, lay out. She is pleasant and professional. When I have a project to complete, I can always count on her to get the job done and to return any and all emails and phone calls promptly."

"So I want to say thank you to Melissa and thank you to IDS for the excellent service.  Your service makes a difference."

Kurt A. Beerline, Ph.D.
Organizational Development Consultant
Division of Human Resources
Statewide Training & Development Center 


"Once again I have to write to congratulate IDS on a job well done!  It was as Director Bicha preached: Effective, Efficient and ELEGANT! Briefly, our agency was prepping for our 16th annual dinner and awards night to be held on July 24. Last January, I contacted Gilbert about an idea I had and he practiced what I was asking on a color photo that we used in our 2012 program. We worked back and forth on the drafts, each time Gilbert got closer to what I wanted, but it wasn't quite right. And he agreed with me. Within 24 hours, Gilbert came up with the look I was searching for. The job, small though it was, was printed, folded, cut, inserted and delivered before the end of the State Fiscal Year! And the ultimate accolade?  When I presented the finished product to my associates at our staff meeting yesterday, I was greeted with:  "This is the best program we have ever had!" Not much more I can add to that. Gilbert and his print staff should be commended for the effort they put forth to make this program top notch. I'm am very fortunate to be able to work with a gentleman who can listen to me over and over, and never complain when I say it isn't quite what I want. Eventually, we arrive on the same page, and I haven't been disappointed yet."

"Thank you to all of you and your staff for the great results we get." 

Lionel W. Llewellyn
Administrative Assistant III
Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council


"A thousand apologies for my long delay in writing to you to absolutely rave about how beautiful and expertly-produced the 2013 CDBG Guidebook came out, due to your dedication to your craft. You are truly Wonder Woman in your creativity, pursuit of excellence and supreme perfectionism in the printing projects for which you are the lead. You did it once again in the fabulous 2013 CDBG Guidebook. All of us who are the beneficiaries of this true tour de force work are sooooooooooo very, very, very impressed with what you have produced for us. It is definitely a masterpiece, for which we are most grateful. It was again a great pleasure for me to work with you on the project. I know it was a major publication, with painstaking detail, great length and numerous copies. You handled it with the ease of a great conductor, even down to the packaging of the 30 bound copies and the 70 perfectly collated loose copies. What a fabulous job you and your co-workers did on this huge project. Many, many thanks for an excellent job that will serve us well for years to come. We are truly in your debt."

Justin A. Hamel
Federal Grants Program Manager
Department of Local Affairs
Division of Local Government

Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

"I am relieved to know I have this extra safety & I hope that it will protect my daughter & I if my ex tries to search. Thank you."


"The Colorado Anti-Violence project (COAVP) in Denver advised me to become an ACP participant. The ongoing support which I receive from the Colorado Anti-Violence Project team and the safe and confidential service of ACP really do provide me with greater safety. I was able to perform my civic duty of voting thanks to ACP."


"There are NO words for the invaluable services & kindness of Colo-ACP Merry X-mas & God Bless!"


"I am very happy with the program. Even with my stalker now in prison, I feel much more comfortable that it would be difficult for him to have someone else locate me. I feel extremely safe, thanks for the great work :)"


"This program helps give me a 'lil peace of mind that it will be harder for him to find us! Thank you"