Daisy Points-Quick Glance

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Each month, you will receive a personalized point allowance based on your print history. As you print, you use points. Any leftover points are added to your savings, and carry over to the next month. Below is a quick glance of how a print job is calculated.


For Any Print Job, you will see a Point Deduction 
1 point for every sheet, assuming double-sided (every two sheets)

Additional Points Deducted

  • Single-sided Printing — 10 points
  • Color Printing — 10 points
  • Web Page/Browser Printing — 10 points
  • Long Document (20+ sheets) — 10 points

Single-sided, black and white, four page Word document:

2 points (job cost)

10 points (single-sided printing)

12 points would be consumed for this job (deduction)

Double-sided, black and white four page Word document:

2 points (job cost - two total sheets)

2 points would be used for this job (deduction)

Single-sided, color, web page of 25 pages:

13 points (job cost)

10 points (single-sided)

10 points (color)

10 points (web page)

10 points (long document over 25 pages)

53 points would be used for this job (deduction)

Here is what the rules will look like in the PAT client on the 3rd and 4th page of the “Getting Started” screens:

Print Points Consumption Chart





Consumption Cost Calculation Chart