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The Colorado Automotive Reporting System (CARS) is the information system used to manage information about the State of Colorado's fleet of vehicles. All state vehicles are required to be enrolled in the State Fleet Management program with the exception of CDOT’s “oversized” fleet, and vehicles donated to state agencies. The heart of CARS is a vehicle database that contains detailed information about each vehicle and its attachments from acquisition to disposal.

For technical support accessing a CARS application or retrieving data, send an email to DPA_MyFleetAccounts@state.co.us or contact CARS Support at 303-866-5222 or 800-723-8023

Click here to access the CARSWeb application connected to the CARS production database. You should use your regular CARS user ID and password to login. You may be required to install Appeon Plug-in when you access the link the first time. Google users may find it easier to  copy the link, open a different browser and paste the link.

New CARS/MyCARS Account Requests

MyCARS Current Account Access

Account Password Reset

MyCARS Installation Guide Instructions to install MyCARS Internet Explorer Plug-in


NOTE: If you are looking for access to the Motor Pool Reservation System to reserve a vehicle, click here.