ACP Application Process

Those interested in applying for ACP services must meet with an Application Assistant (a person who provides counseling, referral or other direct victim services and has been trained and registered by the ACP).

A listing of Application Assistants and enrolling agencies can be found here, “Application Center Locations”  

Request a meeting with an Application Assistant, keeping in mind that Application Assistants may have service limitations. For example, a law enforcement agency might limit services to victims within that agency’s jurisdiction. Application Assistants also have discretion as to their availability. They are not employees of the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration. 

Application Assistants and program applicants will discuss enrollment eligibility and whether ACP services should be added to your overall safety plan. Only Application Assistants can make ACP referrals and submit ACP applications.  

The ACP reviews the application and certifies new participants. Applications are usually processed within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. 

The ACP assigns the substitute address and sends a “welcome packet” which contains an ACP authorization card for each member of the household, ACP voter registration forms, county residency letters (for use with county-based services), and instructions for using the program. You can begin using your new substitute address immediately.