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New Application Assistants

What is an Application Assistant?

An Application Assistant is someone who provides counseling, referral or other direct services to victims of stalking, sexual assault and/or domestic violence as part of their job or volunteer work, and has completed the Address Confidentiality Program training and certification process.

What do Application Assistants do?

Application Assistants meet with potential program participants and make program referrals. Application Assistants determine whether an applicant is eligible for program services and assesses the program fit of potential applicants. They also assist applicants with completing the application and submit it to the ACP once complete. ACP staff do not meet with potential participants for enrollment.

How do I become a certified Application Assistant?

1) Watch the Application Assistant Training Video. Note that you will need to enter the password assistant when prompted in order to access the video. The training video lasts approximately thirty minutes.

2) Once you have watched the entire training video, complete the Training Quiz. You must pass the quiz with 100% in order to become a certified Application Assistant. The quiz will automatically provide results to you and the ACP. If you do not pass, you may retake the Training Quiz.

3) Once you have passed the Training Quiz, complete the Online Application Assistant Agreement to complete your training.

4) Once the ACP receives your submitted Application Assistant Agreement and verifies completion of the Application Assistant Training Quiz, your certification request will be processed. You should receive your registration number and Starter Kit, with enrollment materials, in the mail within approximately one week.

Current Application Assistants

Renewal or Updating Information

Do you need to renew your Application Assistant Designation?

Your designation is good for a two-year term. You can renew your designation for another two year term by completing and submitting a new Application Assistant Agreement.

Did you change your name or place of employment?

You can transfer your designation to a new employer as long as you are still providing counseling, referral, or other direct services to victims of stalking, sexual assault and/or domestic violence, and you complete and submit an updated Application Assistant Agreement.

Where can I check my certification listing online?

You can make sure your online listing is correct and updated by viewing the Enrolling in the ACP page. If there is a correction needed on the listing, please contact the ACP at

Applications and Materials

Do you need additional program applications or other program materials?

If you are a current Application Assistant and are in need of program materials, click on the links below for digital versions, or for hard copies, contact the ACP at (303) 866-2208, or email

Quick Guide to ACP Enrollment — click English or en Español

ACP Civil Rights Sheet — click English or en Español

Lease Termination Law and Guidance


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