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Application Assistant (AA) Certification Process

Follow the directions numbered below to complete the training certification.

1) Click the Application Assistant Training Video button below then enter the word assistant. The training video lasts approximately thirty minutes.

2) Once you have watched the entire training video, click on the Training Quiz button below to complete quiz. You must pass the quiz with 100% in order to become a certified Application Assistant. The quiz will automatically provide results to you and the ACP. If you do not pass, you may retake the Training Quiz. 

3) Once you have passed the Training Quiz, click on the Application Assistant Agreement below to complete your training.

4) Once the ACP receives your submitted Application Assistant Agreement and verifies completion of the Application Assistant Training Quiz, your certification request will be processed. You should receive your registration number and Starter Kit, with enrollment materials, in the mail within approximately one week. 

ACP Training VideoACP Training QuizACP Application Assistant Agreement