SOMB Committees

The SOMB is committed to utilizing current research-based best practices. One of the ways the SOMB stays current on research is through the work of its active committees.These committees meet on a regular basis and report back to the SOMB to inform potential modifications to the Adult and Juvenile Standards. Committee meetings are open to the public. To find date and location information, please view our Public Meeting Calendar. The list of committees below include all committees that were active during 2016: 

1. Adult Treatment Standards Revisions Section 3.000 Committee
2. Adult Community Supervision Standards Revisions Section 5.000 Committee
3. Adult Polygraph Standards Revisions Section 6.000 Committee
4. SOMB Executive Committee
5. Juvenile Standards Revision Committee
6. Best Practices/Treatment Provider Committee
7. Victim Advocacy Committee
8. Continuity of Care Committee (No longer active as of 2017)
9. Application Review Committee
10. Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Assessment Committee
11. Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) Advisory Committee
12. Training Committee (in Collaboration with the Domestic Violence Offender Management
13. Family Support and Engagement Committee
14. Sex Offender Registration Legislative Work Group