Sexual Assault Response Project

The Sexual Assault Response Project (SARP) was developed in response to a lack of accessibility to trained medical forensic examiners (sometimes referred to as SANE programs) for victims of sexual assault. It also addressed difficulties in developing and maintaining a multi-disciplinary team response to sexual assault. The program is funded through a federal grant from the  Office on Violence Against Women.

SARP has two primary goals:

  1. Develop or enhance existing Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) programs in conjunction with medical forensic exam programs; and
  2. Develop locally based Medical Forensic Exam Programs (MFEP) throughout rural Colorado for adult and adolescent victims of sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Response Team Development Program

The SART development program places a single coordinator in a community to help coordinate SART activities to improve community response to sexual assault. SARTs foster a victim-centered, offender focused approach, while simultaneously developing protocols for community-wide multi-disciplinary responses to sexual assault. These protocols include relevant training and development of processes for performing medical forensic exams, as well as conducting case reviews. Establishing multi-disciplinary SARTs in communities is a nationwide best practice.

For more information about SART teams and SART coordination across the state, contact

Medical Forensic Exam Programs

This program develops locally based, cost-effective, sustainable and victim-centered Medical Forensic Exam Programs (MFEPs) through coordination with local hospital administrators and training of local medical professionals.

For more information, visit the SANE/SAFE Project website or contact