Public Records Requests

To request public records under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), please submit your request in writing. To expedite service, we recommend submitting your request via email to or via the online form on the Colorado Department of Public Safety Contact Us page.

Per provisions of CORA and the CDPS Open Records Policy, CDPS may charge for research and retrieval of public records; The first hour of time associated with research and retrieval of public records among CDPS agencies will be provided at no cost, and the maximum hourly rate for research and retrieval of public records thereafter is $30 for CDPS agencies. 

In order to expedite service and minimize research/retrieval time and fees,it helps to be as specific in your request as possible. When possible, include information such as:

  • The specific agency and/or unit you believe is the custodian of the record (we may be able to help determine this if you do not know)
  • The specific document(s) you are looking for, or the type of document if you don't know the specific name 
  • The specific individuals or agencies referenced in the records (e.g. the name of a specific community corrections facility)
  • The date of the record or the time frame for various records (e.g. board minutes from Jan. 15, 2016 or all board minutes from Jan. 1, 2015-Dec. 31, 2015)

For questions about CDPS CORA policies, please contact