DVOMB Provider Applications

  • Please read and understand the Qualifications Section 9.0 of  the Standards before submitting an application.
  • Please note that all application fees are non-refundable. For questions, please contact Carolina Thomasson at Carolina.thomasson@state.co.us
  • To be listed as a DVOMB approved provider, please fill out the appropriate application below. Applications 2 through 4 are used to request approval primarily based upon a well-documented community need that cannot be met by existing providers. Please call the Standards Coordinator at (303) 239-4536 to discuss how our rural programs may apply to you.
  • You must submit a completed Assessment of Applicant's Evaluations by DV Clinical Supervisor (PDF) for each evaluation you send in. 

Applications (All links are PDF files)

  1. Application for Entry Level (see Section 9.01 of the Standards)
  2. Application for Provisional Level (see Section 9.07 of the Standards)
  3. Intent to Apply for Provisional via the Judicial Rural Initiative
  4. Application for Provisional Level via the Judicial Rural Initiative
  5. Application for Full Operating Level (see Section 9.02 of the Standards)
  6. Application for DV Clinical Supervisor Level * (see Section 9.03 of the Standards) *For individuals who have been approved and practicing at the Full Operating Level for a minimum of one year.
  7. Specific Offender Population Application (see Section 10.0 of the Standards) This is an additional application to be used by a DVOMB-Approved Provider or an individual applying to be a provider to request approval to treat a specific offender population. Currently we offer appoval for  treating females or same sex partners.
  8. Move Up Application (NEW) - Use this application if you are an Approved Entry Level Provider and wish to apply for Full Operating Level.
  9. Reapplication for Replacement
  10. Provider Application for FOL DVOMB and Applicant Competency Assessment - Are you already approved by the Sex Offender Management Board as a Full Operating Level Adult Treatment Provider or Evaluator? If yes, please call the Standards Coordinator at (303) 239-4536 for more information about applying to the DVOMB's Approved Provider List.

Job Searching? 

  • Genesis Counseling of the Rockies, LLC is looking for a contractor in Domestic Violence that wants to work in a fun and comfortable office setting. Their office is located at Dry Creek and Broadway.  This position will be open on June 1, 2018.  The contractor selected will be compensated fairly and will be given opportunities to increase your pay. For more information, please contact Kerry Clayton at 720-309-1588 or by email at genesiskerry@gmail.com.
  • Dove Counseling is looking for a Part-time DV Therapist (Male and Female) in the Thornton and possibly Golden Office. The pay is $75.00 per group. Please contact Adria Guerrero at (303) 429-3400.
  • The Aurora Center for Treatment is looking for a Part-Time or contract-bsed DV Counselor. If you are interested please contact Alana Rumley - (303) 340-8990 or alana@auroracentx.com
  • TPS-Treatment Provider Services - Available to provide fill-in services to meet your vacation or time-off needs.  Fully approved provider (Male and Female).  Can travel anywhere in the state.  Please leave messages at 719-649-4507 or email to dfpck@msn.com.

  • Rangeview Counseling in Boulder is looking to hire a DVOMB Provider to run groups and conduct intake evaluations.  The position would be at our Boulder officeand has definite potential to grow! Pay would be based on credentials and experience. To begin with, we are looking for someone to run our Thursday afternoon/evening groups and then open more as wanted/needed.  Other hours would be at your discretion and fit into your schedule!


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