Join us in April as we stand up for victims and work to prevent sexual assault and child abuse

During the month of April, the Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS) is participating in multiple national campaigns that aim to raise awareness of, support the victims of, and prevent crimes. 
During April, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies nationwide commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, and National Crime Victim Rights Week.
Numerous members of CDPS work throughout the year to prevent, respond to, or investigate cases of sexual assault or child abuse. Additionally, the Division of Criminal Justice within CDPS has an entire unit dedicated to Victims Programs, including protecting victims’ rights as enumerated by Colorado’s Victim Rights Amendment. 

On April 3, representatives from the Division of Criminal Justice joined the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) and numerous other victims’ services organizations in a special Crime Victim Rights Week Event commemorating 25 years of the Colorado Victim Rights Amendment. The event featured Tony Tilger, who played a historic leadership role in encouraging state legislators to adopt the Amendment (Tilger now works as a grants administrator for DCJ). Tilger described the injustices that victims of crime routinely experienced 25 years ago before the passing of the Amendment, and he addressed the need to continue to advocate on behalf of victims. 

On April 4, CDPS joined in the launch of Child Abuse Prevention Month. CDPS will be raising awareness through events and by "planting" a pinwheel garden purchased from the Ralston House, a local nonprofit child advocacy center. The department held a breakfast burrito fundraiser to purchase the pinwheels.  Throughout this month, we encourage you to wear blue and take a moment to learn about child abuse prevention. 

Finally, the Department of Public Safety is showing its support for survivors of sexual violence in our state by participating in “Denim Day” on April 26. CDPS employees interested in participating will donate $5 to join the CDPS team and wear jeans on Denim Day. All funds raised will go to the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) to support justice and healing for sexual assault survivors in Colorado.
Denim Day is a worldwide event that takes place on the 4th Wednesday in April every year. Wearing jeans is a conversation starter and visual sign of your support of survivors. Denim Day originated in Italy in 1999, after a judge overturned the verdict of a man found guilty of rape. The judge based his decision on the grounds that it could not have been rape because the victim's jeans were so tight she must have had to help the perpetrator take them off. In response to this outrageous and myth-laden outcome, women in the Italian parliament wore jeans the next day in protest. Since then, people across the globe wear jeans on Denim Day in protest of the persistent rape myths that keep survivors silent and perpetrators unaccountable.