Juvenile Formula/Title II Grant Program

Purpose of the Funds: The purpose of these funds is to assist communities in local efforts designed to enhance or respond to a variety of juvenile justice and delinquency issues. The fund is managed by the Governor-appointed Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Council, which establishes funding priorities. The monies are used for program development, policy design, research and other activities.

Eligibility & Requirements: Applicants include units of local government (including law enforcement, district attorneys and judicial districts), state agencies and non-profit/local private community-based agencies*.
*Non-profit/local private agency applicants must provide documentation that the program being proposed was denied full funding or was given partial funding by a unit of local government prior to the submission of this application.

Solicitation Schedule: Check the OAJJA web site periodically for information regarding the release of a Competitive Announcement of Available Funds.

Please note: The JJDP Council and DCJ will not accept unsolicited proposals unless they meet the criteria for a request for emergency funding or request for Council sponsorship of conferences/trainings. An unsolicited proposal is one that has not been requested through the solicitation process used by the JJDP Council and/or is not related to the yearly priorities set by the Council in their annual planning process.