Interpretation & Translation Services

The list below is only representational of some of the many resources available. There are additional free translation services and services for a fee. Industry best practices hold that, whenever posssible, you should use an independent interpreter or translater rather than asking family members to serve as interpreters or for document translations.

Interpreter Network of Colorado 303-831-4151

  • Comprehensive range of languages available in the Denver metro area.
  • Provides both interpretation and translation services
  • Translation is priced on a per-word basis and includes editing of the document(s). Price depends on the language being translated and the technical nature of the document as well as the deadline.

Denver Center for Crime Victims – Translation & Interpreting Center 303-996-0976

  • Provides interpreting and translation services in over 41 different languages and dialects, including American Sign Language.
  • Provides all services in the native language of the client at low or no cost to the victim.

Asian-Pacific Development Center - Colorado Language Connection 303-365-2959

  • Provides interpretation and translation for a fee.

ECDC’s African Community Center 303-399-4500

  • Provides referral services to organizations, businesses and individuals who are in need of translation/interpretation services. 
  • Have access to the largest community of translators and interpreters who speak many languages.


  • Provides a free service allowing one to translate web pages and text into different languages. 
  • Offers translation services for a fee for technical documentation, marketing materials, employee handbooks and guidelines, documents and manuals, websites, and software.

Yahoo Babel Fish Text Translation

  • Translates a block of text up to 150 words at a time or a webpage free of charge.

Smart Phone Applications 

  • IPhones, Droids, and Blackberries all have translation applications that can be downloaded free of charge to your smart phone.