Find a Treatment Provider for Domestic Violence Offenders

DVOMB Approved Providers by County

DVOMB Approved Providers by Alpha

What the List Means

When a provider is on the List, it means that he/she

(1) has met the education and experience qualifications established in the Standards,

(2) has provided sufficient information for a determination that services appear to be provided according to the Standards and

(3) each provider agrees in writing to provide services in compliance with the standards of practice outlined in the Standards.

Only Providers on the List are eligible to provide treatment anywhere in Colorado, unless they are provisionally approved. If a provider is provisionally approved, he/she may only provide treatment in the judicial district(s) listed. Being on the List is neither licensure nor certification of the provider. It does not imply that all providers offer exactly the same services The List also does not create an entitlement for referrals from the criminal justice system.

Interstate Compact Questions

Please contact Naeema Yarber at (303) 763-2433, 


To make a formal complaint against a treatment provider, contact the Department of Regulatory Agencies by submitting an online compliant or calling (303) 894-2900. You may also contact our program administrator at 303-239-4456. Formal complaints may be anonymous but must be in writing. For the status of any provider whose application is still pending or not listed, please call 303-239-4528.